Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The "New Life" Centre

The Ubomi Obutsha (New Life) Centre is a community development project, administered by CCMP, directly impacting the lives of 500-600 orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC's) from the surrounding community each month with over 2000 children being directly impacted each year. The Centre also serves as a gateway into the broader community for volunteers coming from the outside to work in community schools, etc.

The Centre was origionally a "planted" mission but has been developed over the past few years into a community development project run by the community itself and will soon be ready to be registerd as a Non Profit Organisation (NPO) in it's own right!

The Centre's primary aim is to identify, assist and care for the many children living in high risk situations within the community and also to help these children's care givers to stabilise their living conditions to give their children a better chance in life.

This is done through three areas of activities:

  1. Open Youth Programs, like a Sunday school, youth groups, soup kitchens, access to a resource centre for school work, etc, allow community children to participate in constructive activities and receive the kind of valuable input and guidance in life many of us might take for granted but is sorely lacking in most of their lives.
  2. From the open youth programs, children who may need more focused care are identified. Home visits, assessments and reviews are done after which more specific High Risk OVC Interventions are put to work to help meet their specific needs. These may include food and clothing parcels,other basic needs in the home, assistance with school needs, referals through our network of partners to health, social, legal and governmental departments, basic counseling and an invitation for toddlers in these homes to attend a daily Educare program at the Centre to better prepare them for formal schooling.
  3. Adult Support Programs focus on assisting the care givers of these children to find more purpose and meaning in their own lives and developing the personal skills and attributes needed to provide their children with a more stable environment in which to develop and grow. In addition to helping meet basic needs in their homes, these programs include working in a food garden, a weekly Bible study, a weekly topical workshop and a weekly world-view enrichment activity.
Many of the community volunteers working from the Centre themselves originally came to the Centre for assistance! Having got their lives back on a level they are now a part of our team identifying and reaching out to the many suffering children arround them. Every year we welcome more community volunteers, who have come through the food garden, onto the team and see this as a reflection of the success of our approach to the work we do.

Being our largest project, most of the updates on our main page will inevitably come from the daily activities of the Centre and the volunteers who work from there.

For more detailed information, download the Ubomi Obutsha Centre Profile.